Thursday, 4 February 2010

New house

We're very excited this week. First of all our human let us go back in the kitchen. For some reason though she's blocked up the hole we used to like to go through to hide under the cupboards... perhaps that's why we haven't been allowed in the kitchen for a few weeks? Second of all we got a new house! Thank you human - isn't it beautiful!

Our human can't understand though why we like sitting on top of it best. Yes there might be nice hay to munch on in inside, and dark corners to hide in, but we like the view up here!

And look, we've even been doing some of our own rennovations to improve the look - whaddya think?


  1. My buns would approve of those renovations.

  2. my bun would have approved of your renovations too! It's a lovely house though so don't renovate too much!

  3. What a beautiful house! They look like two very happy buns!

  4. Yes indeed e doo .. a dandy, really dandy house needing a bit of attention! Go to it boys! Make us proud!