Friday, 19 March 2010

play time

Not surprisingly, like small children, Buttons and Skittles are never interesting in any toys we buy them, but instead take pleasure in :
a. tearing up old newspaper
b. hiding in/on and chewing old boxes and
c. tossing around a toilet roll inside!
Here's some examples of the latter! They were really into it!

And finally a great action shot, as Buttons shakes the tube between his teeth!!


  1. that was one of Anya's favourite games too! Such lovely photos, thanks!

  2. So true, So true! doesn't matter how many (expensive) toys you buy, they'll end up being more interested in the cardboard box it all came in!

  3. Toliet paper rolls are good fun.

  4. Too fun, my rabbits have never really liked anything categorized as a toy, they would rather chew on slippers...