Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hot hot hot

Phew, we're in a mini heatwave here. Yesterday it went to 32 centigrade, which is probably nothing for some of our friends, but we're English, and we don't do heat. The humans decided to try to escape to the coast, thinking there might be cooling sea breezes and some sea to dip our toes into but alas, the tide was out, way out, perhaps 2 miles out :-( and there was no breeze to be found. We consoled ourselves by eating crab, crayfish and icecream (not together obviously) and then got back into the car which was air conditioned and the best place to be!

But I do worry about the little fluffsters during the hot weather. If the humans are hot, I can't imagine how one might feel to be wearing a little fur coat as well - especially Bella, who continues to moult and turn our house into a blanket! I keep giving them plastic bottles full of frozen water to lick and lie by, and refilling their water bowl and bottle regularly. They don't seem too bothered however, but have been doing lots of flopping out on the cool tiled floors of the kitchen and hallway. Strangely I found them snuggling yesterday evening and got them on camera... surely sharing body heat can't be good in this weather??!

"But we loves each other and we like snuggling up!"


  1. I don't get rabbit's sense of temperature either.

    My (completely unscientific) guess is that they just aren't terribly *uncomfortable* in these temperatures - at least, not in the same way that we are.

    But I still worry about the whole heat-stroke thing, so this is why I just keep the little furballs in the air-conditioned part of the house in the summertime, just to be safe.

    I'd say that they appreciate it, but... well, let's be honest, they ignore it just like they ignore everything else.

  2. If they were really hot and yet wanted company, they probably would stretch out near each other on a cooler surface. Buns will be buns.

  3. Snuggling knows no temperature.

    I would love a bit of hot here, because that usually means sun and we're still getting more rain than is tolerable. Of course, I wouldn't be saying that if we didn't have the AC to rely on. :)

  4. I leave the AC on unless it's really freezing becuase I get so nervous about heat stroke. But if they have a fan, and they have ice and tiles, I wouldn't worry too too much. As I understand cool tile makes a HUGE difference. I also know people who get individual large tiles, 2 or 3 of them, and keep them in the freezer or fridge. Then, give one to the buns, when that one isn't cold anymore, switch it for another, and so on. I think you can but an individual floor tile at home depot - I don't know what the comparable store woudl be in the UK?

    It does make me nervous too when it's super hot and the buns are cuddling, but I like to think that buns are smart enough to know when to stop cuddling if they don't feel well. Plus, keep in mind there are people who keep their rabbits in outdoor hutches with no fan and no tile and the rabbits sometimes live 10 years. not that I would ever condone that, but it makes me worry less about my pampered bunnies ;)

  5. My mommy freezes a two liter bottle of water and then lets me lay against that. It does a good job of keeping me cool. And I've had to sit in 90+ Fahrenheit weather.

  6. It's dreadfully hot here too, but soon I'll be freezing again. Lucky buns of mine have their own AC in the studio.
    xx, shell

  7. Misery loves company?

    We haven't found anything that works to keep the guys cool except fans blowing across a tray with a block of ice - that on the very few days when our temps exceed 80 degrees F or so. No A/C here hard by the Salish Sea - normally the sea breezes do that just fine!

    Frozen water bottles and chilled tiles are totally ignored! I personally rely on an Arnold Palmer ... 1/2 ice tea and i/2 lemonade in big glasses with lots of ice!

  8. Well, in New England, we run on Dunkin' (iced in this weather), although Arnold Palmer will do in a pinch. My bunnies have always seemed to enjoy the frozen water bottles. And sometimes I wet down their ears a bit.