Thursday, 22 November 2012

*GUEST POST* from our house guest

Sylvain from Cottontails writes:

Bonjour, hello my friends.

Yesterday I arrived in Essex, a county in the South East of Great Britain. From here, it is not far to France at all!  I hopped out of my travelling case and met my very obliging hosts, Blossom, and Buttons, and their humans of course.  

Here are some snaps from my visit so far.
In greeting, I offered my felt carrot to Blossom and Buttons as all good house guests bring gifts... they were not interested in it though... what did I do wrong?

We soon became friends and had a little horse play!  It is raining in Essex today so Blossom offered me a ride on her back so my paws would not get damp.They showed me around their shed, and Blossom read some of the Guardian newspaper to me.  What cultured little rabbits! I shall like it here!

Buttons invited me into his playroom in the human's house and introduced me to some of the other rabbits that live here...
There was this one guy, called Peter Rabbit, (the one in blue) who regaled us with stories of how he and his cousin Benjamin Bunny crept under a gate into a garden and stole some cabbages!  What a riot!

The human then said "I need to get on with some work now Sylvain, and you can sit down and have a cuppa rosie (I googled, apparently this is 'Essexlish' for a cup of tea)... wait til the little man gets home from nursery Sylvain... then we'll have some adventures and show you the real Essex."   ooooh, how exciting!

Until next time!
Sylvain xxx

Thank you Charlotte

Oh and you can read about Sylvain's travels so far:


  1. Oh my goodness! I am just on my way to bed but thought I must just see if you have written about Sylvain yet.. and there he is! What a fabulous set of photos! And very funny.... :)

    Buttons and Blossom are so small!! Seeing them next to Sylvain (who I know oh-so-well) I can see their size. Gosh, they are gorgeous.

    Brilliant post Lisa, thank you!

    It's late now but tomorrow I will share on FB, Twitter etc.... :)

    Thanks again, and give Sylvain a little nose rub from me.


  2. All Phoney. I don't believe a word of it. ....

    .... but maybe it is magic? Hmmmm .... hmmmm .....

    I have seen this Sylvain before .. is this the Sylvain who was in Scotland? Maybe it IS magic. Hmmmm Hmmmm ....

  3. oh this is adorable! I love the photo of Sylvain on Blossom's back! I'm glad he's continuing to enjoy his adventures.