Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Settling in

So only 7 months after moving into the new house (!) I've started to settle in properly to MY room. For a while it has been Buttons' room with a table and  boxes of files and papers in the corner making my "office".

Now I have a lovely new desk and filing cabinet and even some art for my wall (courtesy of the very talented Annette at the Leveret's nest).  Once i sort out some shelves and file away the files and papers it may actually look like an office (with a rabbit (and a hare) in it)!

You need a closer look at Annette's work of course

Buttons, unimpressed by my removal efforts went to hide on pull out the guest bed!

Elsewhere, Buttons has been enjoying the World Cup.

Here he is putting his feet up on the sofa while England did their usual (poor) opening performance... 
And a little half time scrub up and massage!


  1. ooh Lisa, your hare looks completely at home! and compliments your office desk colours too, so glad to see it in situ :)
    and great to see Buttons enjoying some football, so adorable, but I reckon the little groomer wins paws down over a match any day xx

  2. Annette makes the bestest stuff. :)

    It has yet to be determined if Mr. Mick likes soccer (football) or not, although The Boy is a big fan and has been watching the matches regularly. Mick likes baseball and American football, though, so it's always possible.

  3. I reckon if Buttons was in charge of England football team we would do alo better,xx Rachel