Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Small bunny, big steps

When Buttons and Skittles came to live with us, back in November last year, Skittles was unbelievably shy and so scared of everyone and everything. He could even scare himself if he made a sudden movement or noise! It was a little frustrating for us at first as he really wouldn't let us near him, and we got quite a few bites and nips and scratches in the first couple of months if we tried to get too friendly. Cuddles were completely out of the question! I'm so pleased to report that things are changing! Skittles is getting used to me and the husband, and realises he can trust us (and that head rubs are actually quite nice!). The husband and I have for our part given Skittles his space, and tried hard not to scare him, and only pick him up if we really really have to (like nail trimming day!).

The hard work has paid off, the mutual respect is growing and just this weekend Skittles jumped onto the sofa, onto my lap while we were watching TV. When I went to stroke him, he didn't run away, he actually sat still and let me give him a good head and neck rub.

I was very happy, and so was he!


  1. SWEET!!!!! congratulations to bun and all :)

  2. Congrats to you all. That is so wonderful.

  3. Congratulations--that moment of trust and love is one of the most awesome things in the world; may you enjoy many, many more! :D

  4. Brave little Skittles! Congratulations!

  5. How wonderful! Patience really pays off. Freckles didn't like me much when she first arrived (used to nip my feet), but we get along pretty good now. Glad you and Skittles have been bonding.