Saturday, 10 April 2010

We're back!

What can we say... it's been a busy couple of weeks! First the human went on holiday and deserted us with some nice people she called "the parent's in law". This was fun at first, as they had a massive room for us, where we found lots of new things to hide under and chew. But then we got in trouble for digging a hole. How were we to know that carpets were not for digging?

Now we're back where we belong, but not impressed that we are no longer the only important animals here. The humans are spending too much time with these new things in the garden they call "chickens" and getting all excited because of the eggs. Lucky them. We are sulking, as our petting time seems to have shrunk!

In other news... the human introduced another rabbit into the area. Skittles wasn't sure what to make of this so the human had to eat it! Phew :)

1 comment:

  1. good to see you back, sorry you feel the chickens are your rivals...