Monday, 20 May 2013

I raced for life

Thank you everyone for your kind words of support.  Yesterday I finished my first ever 5km race, in 37 minutes. Not bad for someone who only took up running in February huh?  It was very hilly but I kept going and I'm very proud of that.

Buttons couldn't care less.... he could have done it in about 20 minutes he reckons, although he may have  been distracted by all the lovely grass and flowers there were to eat in the town park!


  1. Congratulations! And don't worry, Buttons appreciates your efforts!

  2. WOOHOO! That's awesome! Yay for you! <3 *hugs*

    (We're both doing just fine, btw--I've just been too busy to post much. I do need to get some pictures and video up soon, though. Much love to you all.)

  3. well done!
    when I was in the Army we had to run 5km as part of our general fitness tests, so your time is very good for such short training!!
    ps, send me an email re the family rules print :)

  4. Well, you did it and Buttons did not - and that is that. Good going!

  5. Congratulations! What a great accomplishment.

  6. I would like to extend my warm wishes! :D