Monday, 6 May 2013

Rabbit awareness week

Yes ladies and gents its our favourite time of year again, rabbit awareness week RAW (and may day = a day off work!)!
Buttons is aware that he is a rabbit... And aware that he is snoozing. Seriously look at these photos, have you ever seen such relaxation!

Unfortunately for Buttons RAW means a free health check and 20% off vaccinations at the vet! Shhhhh!

And finally, in other news, the human would like to draw attention to her amazing feat: in two weeks she will run race for life: a 5k race in aid of cancer research. 5k may not sound a lot to some but its a big thing for a thirty-something who last ran in school (and even them played hooky from sports class!)

Read more and show your support (if you can, no pressure) here:

Thank you kind friends x


  1. Buttons looks sweet in his pot,xx Rachel Speedy's mum

  2. Oh my gosh are those just the most adorable photos!!
    Good for you on your run! Congratulations!

  3. Practice hard, run well, and give us the full report! Good luck!

  4. Buttons looks adorable! Good luck with the race and thanks for the reminder about rabbit Awareness Week

  5. Buttons look so comfortable, he is adorable!
    Good luck in the race!