Monday, 10 May 2010


The human has deserted us for 10 whole days to go on a work trip to a far away place called Rio. We hope she realises that 10 days is a very very long time for a little bunny, and we will try not to forget her in that time, but it would help if she brings us back lots of treats. Until she returns, here is a geeky little bit of fun to pass the time:
Buttons' jigsaw


  1. Don't be sad! Your mom will be home soon and I'm sure she's got someone taking GREAT care of you in the meantime. Have fun, Human!

  2. Great jigsaw--did it in 4:37.

    Buttons, you are just looking so cute in that pic--I would title it:

    "You're going WHERE and you're not taking me?!"


  3. Well guys - good luck .. but be ready to raise havoc and what not when she gets back ... we'll come help if need be.