Monday, 31 May 2010

WANTED: Lawn mower

Buttons and Skittles haven't been outside for a couple of weeks now, due to it being either too hot, or the human being away. The grass has grown really really long in the mean time. Clearly they should be allowed to go out there more often to keep it short for us!
Where is Skittles?

PS the antibiotics are working a treat and Skittles' feet are much happier... although Skittles is as grumpy as usual!


  1. When its too hot during the day, I bring hef out after the sun goes down and let him sit in my lap and sniff the cool air.

  2. That is TALL Cotton!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, Mickey would LOVE it if our grass was that high, he wouldn't have to lower his head to eat it (yes, he is THAT lazy). :)

    Unfortunately for him, hubby is a lawn-maintenance fanatic, which is why I am growing a box of clover just for Mickey. Double unfortunately, the mosquitoes in our yard would eat us both alive right now, so I cannot bring him out until things get chilly again. :(

  4. Yay for Skittle's happy feet!