Friday, 28 May 2010

Poor little Skittles

We're not sure how, but we noticed this week that Skittles toes are inflamed. The lovely vet (who he sat still for as if he was the best behaved bunny in the world, right after we said... he's really grumpy and won't let us pick him up) gave him a course of antibiotics.
He hates being picked up (by us) so much that the only way we found to get hold of him was wrapping him in a towel to stop him kicking us. The husband thought this looked unbelievably cute and ran to get the camera... personally I think that's a look of anger or terror. I'm not sure why, after all, he'd already taken the medicine at this point, and seemed quite happy licking it off his chin and whiskers! Perhaps it was the fear of knowing I would post this photo on the blog and therefore embarress this big bad bunny in public!


  1. That's definitely a "I know where you sleep, humom!" look..

    Poor little Skittles.. Sage sends kisses and sympathy at the stupidity of the apes!

  2. poor Skittles, that is a look of pure terror, but cute at the same time

  3. poor little guy. nobunny likes having bad feet OR going to the vet. Sogna had really bad feet when she was taken in to the shelter, she had been neglected and almost got put down because she had such badly infected sore hocks. they gave her antibiotics and amputated a toe, and she recovered like a champ. but she's still REALLY defensive of her feet.

  4. Poor Skittles! Sore feet are no fun. Hope he's feeling better soon. (He definitely does not look happy about the towel, I'd check my shoes for poop for a few days.)

    Mickey is surprisingly good about letting me handle him when necessary, but I have used the "bunny burrito" method after a bath to dry him off and keep him from getting too chilly. He tolerates it for a while, then pops out of it when he's had enough.

  5. You hang in there Skittles! I am sending you smooches.