Monday, 25 October 2010

Bonding update

Not much to report... true love takes time! But so far so good!

When we first dropped Buttons off at the resue on Friday night he was terrified, and clearly concerned we were about to dump him amongst all these alien creatures! We are convinced that he's forgotten that he's a rabbit... when a doddery old lady bun, tiara, ambled into the crate Buttons had been assigned to say hello and welcome him (and she smelt some fresh kale), Buttons jumped out of his skin and looked at her like he'd never seen such a strange thing before!

Later that night we had an update from the rescue that he'd calmed down, and was starting to make friends with all the house bunnies at the rescue! A good sign!

As you know, the bonding process can't be rushed, so it wasn't until Saturday that he was introduced to Sapphire, but the first meeting went well. Buttons was definately interested in her, and they spent some time sniffing each other. Hoorary. We're just waiting to see if Sapphire will requite his affections... but it's looking good so far.


Tune in for the next part of our love story, later this week folks.

The problem we didn't foresee - we miss Buttons! The house feels so empty without him...


  1. We'll keep our collective paws crossed. Sounds like he is adapting and open to a relationship. Yay for BUTTONS.

  2. Oh man, is that Sapphire in the bottom picture? She's beautiful. I hope it works out and they both come home soon!

  3. Oh, I can just imagine how empty the house feels without that sweet boy. We'll be thinking lots of good thoughts for a quick love match so they'll both be home soon. :)

  4. aw little Buttons away from home :)
    always an 'empty house' feeling!
    hoping he comes back with a friend and a filled heart :)