Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Bella's story

Since you asked. Bella came to us via the Rabbit Residence, the most wonderful rabbit shelter in southern England (in my humble opinion) and you can read more about them here:

Thankfully Bella doesn't have a very sad story, she was just, how shall we say "unplanned".

An elderly and disabled lady bought two buns for companionship. As is usual, the pet shop didn't sex them right, or advise her on neutering, and before you could say "breeding like rabbits" she found herself over-run with baby buns and unable to take care of them. The lady struggled on valiantly for quite some time: Bella is from an early litter, and is about 18 months old, but started to realise she couldn't cope so called the rescue to help. They are in the process of rehoming 10 bunnies from this lady. And they've also talked her into fixing the ones she wants to keep and can cope with.

A happy ending for Bella, and us.

Bella is doing ok, but extremely nervous still especially of all the weird noises our house makes. She feels safe sitting on top of her house though. She loves head rubs, kale, readi-grass and broccoli!


  1. Been there, which is why I tell people never to trust what a pet store salesperson tells you about an animal, especially rabbits. They don't know breeds, they don't know how to determine sex, age or even health; they will tell you pretty much anything if they think it'll get you to buy the animal.

  2. At least Buttons has gotten a beautiful girlfriend out of it!

  3. yup, it happens. I won't even launch into my diatribe about the pet store where I got Biffy. I'm glad she did the right thing and surrendered them.

    Bear with her. Sogna came to us a year ago May, and you would not believe how much she's come out of her shell. Bella is young, she'll likely do the same.

    Certainly worked out for you!

  4. Bella has a lot to process. But she has Buttons, her own space, and understanding people, so the auspices are good.

  5. Good to hear she wasn't ever abused, or homeless, or injured, that sort of thing. Her personality (and courage) will blossom with all the love she is getting from you and Beau Buttons.

  6. nice to know she was loved, though unplanned. It has taken my two, two years each to come out of their shells. She will blossom.
    And glad she has your love and her new husband to give her confidence and encouragement.
    Pet shops should be banned from selling rabbits.

  7. I can relate to the story a Bella because we actually have adopted a rabbit few months ago which we found on the street hungry and scared. Just to help her overcome the trauma she had on the street we build her a rabbit hutch which she'll be comfortable and safe.