Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas is coming...

Well, almost! But Look! Two new bunnies (ahem, hares actually) arrived this week to adorn our Christmas Tree! Thanks to Annette and Arrabella. Aren't they gorgeous?

Buttons gave his seal of approval with a chinning!

Bella was less interested, but there was a big pile of readi-grass in front of her!

Now we're getting in the festive spirit!


  1. What beautiful tiny hares. Love the fluffy tail, especially.

  2. Beautiful hares. Will the buns be getting their own tree?

  3. Looks like 4 ears up for the decorations!

  4. goodness me!
    I can think of no higher compliment that to have my soft sculptures chinned by a bun :)
    so glad they arrived safely Lisa and I can see they are making a beeline for the hay!
    Arabella and I say Thanks so much!! :)