Monday, 8 November 2010

Hop forward, hop back

As you can see (from this poor quality photo), Bella made her first proper trip into the lounge this weekend. She's found her way in by accident before, and immediately been shoo-ed out as she found a corner to pee in!

This time it was a great success... she stayed for over an hour - had a run around and seemed relaxed enough to chill out and snooze behind the sofa (after checking the area was safe by sniffing everything for 30 mins!). And the best success - no "accidents" in the lounge area. Not one!

Hooray I said, and promptly boasted to everyone I knew that Bella was doing really well and getting the litter tray thing already! What a genius!

But since then, I'm continuing to sweep up poo tods (when we had a rabbit when I was a child we always called them rabbit tods, I don't know why, but it's stuck with me), and twice last night, she wee'ed on the newspaper next to one of the litter trays instead of in it. I don't know if those were accidents because she doesn't fully get it yet, or accidents because it was Bonfire night (all weekend) and our neighbours were going crazy with the fireworks.

Floor to litter tray ratio of tods is definitely improving in favour of the litter tray.

I think I've been doing everything right, in terms of placement of trays, nice hay to entice her in, 'scenting' the trays, moving 'accidents' back into the tray etc. The thing I've struggled with is that it's not so easy to pick Bella up and place her in the tray when she has an accident - she's a big heavy girl, and clearly not in favour of being picked up.

Yesterday I tried sitting with her for a while and giving her a treat every time she went in the litter tray. The accidents last night may have been a protest because the treats disappeared!

Advice please... any tips on helping Bella get it? Give her more time I guess - I know you are all going to tell me I'm being impatient!


  1. It really sounds like you're doing all the right things! Dropping "tods"can be a territorial thing, so once she's fully settled in it should stop. Once she has lots of praise when she gets it right and a trained bunny to copy, it's hopefully just a matter of time. What a lucky girl to have such attentive parents and a loving boyfriend!

  2. Help Bella get it? Are you nuts? Where have you been forever?

    Bella is helping YOU get it and one day you will - almost. So pay attention and react accordingly.

    You are welcome.

  3. I must agree with both comments. You are being perfect AND you are not getting it. ;)
    So happy to hear how well everything is going. the photos are truly excellent.

  4. I'd love to hear more about you have any information on her history? And I for one would vote for whole entire posts dedicated solely to her truly marvelous ears. I can't get enough of them.

  5. Mickey never misses the box with peeing now that he has a bigger box to use. Poop, however, often gets left just outside the box.

    Y'know, you're going to have to update that title pic at the top of the page--unless Buttons isn't willing to share star billing again. ;)

  6. Really cute bunny... Looks so Cute.