Sunday 29 August 2010

Caught in the act

Ok, terrible quality pictures I admit, but I just laughed out loud when I came into the lounge and found Buttons and his toy bunny sitting side by side in peaceful companionship. "Can't a guy get some peace when he's trying to have some alone time with his lady friend? Geez!!"

And then, just to make my day, I managed to catch him in one of his hilarious cat-style stretch and yawns! Ok I missed the bit that really makes me giggle when he does a massive lion yawn, but I was pleased to get some of it on camera!

Tuesday 24 August 2010

receding hairline?

I just loaded a batch of photos onto the pc that have been sitting on my traditional camera for a while (i've been a bit iphone happy since I got that last month!). I thought this capturing an interesting moulting pattern on Button's forward was adorable!

Sunday 22 August 2010

Possibly the only rabbit in the world that won't eat his carrots!

Sunday morning... had a look to see what was ready to harvest before breakfast - we're going to have a great dinner today! Look at all this! Actually this isn't the half of it, there is also a huge bunch of radish and big carrots... these are just the little carrots I was trying to tempt Buttons with!
Some bunny was slightly unimpressed with being made to pose with the giant marrow! Here's a better picture so you can see how huge it is compared to the husband!When I pulled up the carrots (I forgot that we planted a rare breed - they are purple carrots - orange in the middle), there were a few little ones that didn't grow, which I saved for Buttons... here's his response:

Saturday 21 August 2010

Leave me alone!

It's been a very packed week, and we're all a bit over tired here... thank goodness for the weekend and Sunday lie-ins.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Get off my hay!

I love it! He's being all indignant and and trying to be a tough guy rearranging his hay just the way he likes it... but he looks even cuter when he's trying to be tough. Look at those little feet!

Saturday 14 August 2010

What does a bunny do to chill out in the evening?

Yes, it's tough being a bunny. So much to do, hay to nibble and rearrange and spread around the kitchen, naps to fit in, chair legs to chew. None stop! So we're all wondering, what does a busy bunny do to relax after a hard day?

The answer is, he sits on the sofa and watches TV, just like the humans... I know we're probably being a bit fanciful, but he really looked like he was watching it with us! And he sat there quietly for nearly the whole programme!
And you are probably wondering what Button's favourite TV show is? We were watching Celebrity Masterchef. So it would seem Button's was transfixed by the cooking - perhaps dreaming about opening his own restaurant one day :)
"...I'm thinking sauted carrots with carrot mash and a curly kale garnish... mmm... oh and dried apple skins to finish ... " ( Look at that tail! )

I got some great shots while he was glued to the chefs on the TV. I think in this one below he's emulating the husband by stretching out!
Close up of that cute tail and those fluffy feet!

Thursday 12 August 2010

paws and relax

Buttons and I were having a little snuggle and I noticed the way his little paw was hanging down, rather than balanced on my arm like the other three. So cute... hopefully this means he was comfy, relaxed and enjoying the snuggle as much as I was! I think he looks pretty chilled out.

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Buttons from below

I just like this picture, though it's not in focus, for the way the sunlight highlights his whiskers, for an unusual view of his little mouth and white "beard" and the fluffiness of his chest. Shortly after the shot he decided to jump on my head and attack the camera... can't blame him I suppose, I am his papparazzo and it must get annoying being in the public eye.

Saturday 7 August 2010

Best bunny video ever!

Here it is people, fresh off the press and I promise it's a good one. Due to the demand for some live action, I was hoping to catch Buttons on the stairs all week. And I just did! But not only that, he threw in a happy binky jump for good measure! So cute!

King Bunny

Buttons, King of the Living Room, surveys all he owns from the height of the back of the sofa.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Literary bunny...

Buttons has a new hobby... trying to eat any books we leave lying around!