Friday 25 November 2011

Hair cut

Bella had a hair cut recently. This is the "after" picture! Her mane was getting so long it was in her eyes at the front and she was picking up food and hay under her chin!

She was very good: she trusts us so much more than when we adopted her a year ago! (a year, how time flies!). She probably doesn't realise how lucky she is to get a fur-cut from the husband, who cuts human fur as his job, and charges them money!!! Bella didn't even tip him!

Wednesday 16 November 2011



"This baby thing is exhausting! He wants constant entertainment! Well we've done our shift and now we need a lie down. Anyway we think he needs changing so we best let the human take over xx"

Snooze away bunnies... I'm sure he'll start screaming soon and wake you up!

Thanks everyone for your good wishes for big Bella. She is 100% back to normal now.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Bunnies: sent to give us grey hairs

Sigh. Bella is unwell, please send your thoughts and prayers her way. I don't think it's very serious, but we're keeping a very very close eye on her as we have learned from sad experience how quickly buns can go down hill.

Last night she didn't want her dinner pellets, which was incredibly worrying: Bella loves her food. She was cowering in her house looking very unhappy and i could not tempt her out. On inspection of the litter tray we noticed no poop either (the benefit of the huge size difference between our two buns: very easy poop differentiation).We gave her a shot of pineapple juice and after an hour she really perked up and ate some pellets.

Panic over, I went to bed. This morning she was behaving normally, bouncy and ate some breakfast veggies... But not as much as usual. She's pooping, but not as much as normal. Today's been up and down: sometimes she is hopping round the garden like a kid and nibbling at readigrass, but she's turned down broccoli and sometimes returns to the house for a lie down...

So we're just monitoring v closely, and administering more pineapple juice later. Hoping it doesn't mean we need to see the vet tomorrow.

We'll let you know.

Buttons is happy and healthy, and going through a v scruffy moult!