Wednesday 27 June 2012

Love <3

It makes me so happy to see my little boy so happy with his new friend! Sigh! They are such an adorable couple.

And Blossom is becoming more trusting of humans already...

Sorry about taking this through the wire, but I knew I was pushing my luck sneaking up on them and trying to photo the snuggling! I tried to open the gate after I took this to get a better photo but of course they took off!

Saturday 23 June 2012

What Bugs a Bunny

Ooooooh sneaky peek!

On Monday, The RSPCA is launching its first ever nationwide campaign to promote pet rabbit welfare!

You can read all about it here (I think a lot more info will be added in the coming weeks):

Last year we took part in their survey when they were researching the campaign. They asked survey participants to include photos of their bunnies, and you can see them all in Flickr (including one certain handsome young netherland dwarf!). Loads of cute buns all in one place! Sounds like a web page I want to visit!!!

Friday 22 June 2012


Blossom reveals her soft ginger patch behind the ears. Roots need a touch up perhaps!?

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Garden time

Mmmm that grass looks so sweet!

Enough cuddles lady, let me off your lap and onto that lawn right away!

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Pet me

Pet me first
No Pet me
No me!
Me first!!!

It's ok guys, I have two hands to give you head strokes at the same time x

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Springwatch bunnies

This is a post for Brits only I'm afraid.
The wonderful BBC1 wildlife programme Springwatch is on our screens at present and most of the country is glued to it.

Anyway I'm excited as they just announced at the end of tonight's programme that tomorrow they are doing a feature on wild rabbits! Yippee!

(this is rare, Springwatch is mostly abouts birds on nests).

Can't wait to watch (I'll sky plus it for Buttons and Blossom :-)

Friday 1 June 2012


My name is Blossom. I never had a name before.

I came here from the rabbit residence rescue, where I've been living for a few months. It was fun there. They had grass! I'd never seen or tasted grass before I went there. There I met Buttons, and his people brought me home to live with Buttons. I'm so pleased they did. I loved all the grass at the rescue, but the grass is sweet here too, and it's tastier now I have Buttons to share it with.

I don't remember how old I am, or where I was born, or if I had any brothers or sisters. I just remember living in a garage, in a small cage. The people there would bring me food and hay sometimes, but sometimes I was hungry and they didn't come and they never swept away my mess. And it was so dark in the garage it made me scared. There were no toys and the people never played with me or stroked my forehead in the nice way the human does here. I was lonely and scared.

Sometimes a lady would come (she said she was a neighbour, but no one has told me what a neighbour is), and bring me water and talk to me nicely. She said she was going to help me. One day this neighbour came and stole me away. She didn't tell my people that she was taking me, but she said that they probably wouldn't notice anyway.

We went on a long car journey which I hated. But at the end was the grassy place! My ordeal wasn't over unfortunately. I had to have lots of visits to the horrible vet who jabbed me and prodded me and made me eat bad tasting things. And the lady at the rescue combed me a lot and trimmed a lot of sticky bits out of my fur (this was horrible at first but I got to enjoy the cuddles and grooming! ). I suppose it was all worth it in the end as I got to play in the grass as a reward and of course, they introduced me to Buttons!