Thursday 21 November 2013

Pampered pet?

Buttons has his own room in the new house.  My non-rabbit loving friends and colleagues think that I've finally lost it (they don't realise I lost it decades ago ha ha).  He did allow me to have a small corner of his room for my desk and files, and I am able to happily work away while he hops around me.

Yay new house!


Being harassed by a small boy:

Helping to unpack:

Friday 1 November 2013

Happy Nose-vember

After months of house moving stress, we are all hoping that November is going to be a good month for us!  Buttons is a house rabbit once more!  Hooray. He is very happy about this, and is particularly enjoying hiding under the dining room table.  However, he is a little confused about why a small boy thinks it's funny to get inside the rabbit cage. (I'll have to get that on camera... it's a big rabbit cage but quite hilarious when Buttons and the boy are squished in there together).

And thinking of old times. It is 4 years sometime this month that Buttons came to live with us!
Here are then, for old times sake one, some of the first ever photos I have of Buttons. This is when we first met him at the rescue. What a baby face!
And the day we brought him and his brother Skittles home.  In that four years the husband has aged quite a lot too! So much has happened to us all since then.