Saturday 31 July 2010

(Not so) adorable bunny

I took this photo yesterday and I just love it - Buttons looks so cute but I think it also captures his slightly cheeky, very inquisitive personality!

However, I'm not finding him quite so adorable today as he woke me up at 5am by standing on my face!

We decided to take Buttons upstairs to sleep in our bedroom last night, as we had a cooking incident involving some plastic and a microwave that meant the kitchen and most of downstairs needed to aired overnight. He enjoys being in the bedroom when he can, hiding under the bed, jumping on the bed and chewing the new rug. And he was quite well behaved all night, until the sun came up around five, and then he decided it was time to wake up! And of course he thought we should wake up too... little attention seeker!

Friday 30 July 2010

Chew tube

Here we find Mr. Buttons in his usual hidey hole - the tube... nothing unusual there.
Except little Mr. has decided to start having a chew of it. I suppose I should be pleased he's not eating the floor at the moment.
By the way, there is suppsed to be a whole in the middle - he hasn't chewed THAT much!

Saturday 24 July 2010

Stair climbing adventures

Actually we're talking stair descending adventures today. Buttons loves running up the stairs, but although he can get down on his own, he's still not very confident. I love this shot below - you can see the slight apprehension in his eyes I think! He always goes down the first 4 steps ok, then stops, as the stair turns 90 degrees, and waits, and looks up at me, as if to say either "are you coming?" or "do I have to do this on my own?" before I tell him to give it a go and he goes almost to the bottom.

He then pauses on the second to bottom step and thinks for ages about how he'll manage the dismount to the floor, and nearly always decides to fling himself off fast and make a run for his safe place in the living room! It's quite hilarious to watch.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Worker bunny

The human is always hard at work. Buttons likes to help out... and supervise her typing while rearranging the silly pens and things on the desk :) He also generally likes to get in the way... until he gets bored of course.
Buttons also wanted to say that he likes the new iphone camera as it doesn't make flashy lights in his eyes!

Sunday 18 July 2010


We are missing Skittles very much, but Buttons is doing really well! We have to keep blogging about our little bunny boy as we feel so encouraged and supported by our friends and readers in the bunny blogosphere. Thank you guys.

So in memory of Skittles, we have put together this homage to Carolyn "R" Crampton*, the author of our favourite rabbit book: Rabbit language, or "are you going to eat that?"

This is our guide to what bunnies are trying to say !

Lying with one ear raised means: Someone may be opening the refrigerator

Rubbing chins on things: One day I will eat you

Balancing on hind legs, little front feet in the air: Let me see if I can grab that food out of your hand
Lying completely stretched out, ears flat against body: I am supremely happy

Neck stretched out, wide eyes, ears back giving the effect of a young animal: I am your helpless baby, don’t leave me!

Running in fast circles: I am in love with this sofa / person / box

Jumping in the air and kicking one’s heels: I am so happy to see you!

Ears tilted forward, low crouch: Caution mixed with curiosity, perhaps when exploring a new area or a strange animal.

Eating your clothes: Either I want your attention, now! Or, You are in my way, move over or I will eat my way through you!
Head buried in belly: Mmm tasty morsels to eat (reconsider the kissy kissy)
Shaking the head: Are you crazy!
*We hope that Carolyn accepts this as an homage, and definitely not a rip off... we really encourage anyone who loves their bunny to go and buy Carolyn's scrumptious book : http://http//

Sunday 11 July 2010

10th July 2010

I don't know how to write this sad news... Skittles decided enough was enough, and yesterday afternoon flopped in his favourite spot behind the sofa for the final time.

This coming Wednesday he would have been a year old. We are devastated.

Saturday 10 July 2010

Thinking of Skittles

Skittles has sadly been in the animal hospital the last two nights. We, and the vet were all very worried about a backed up tummy and him refusing to eat. But this morning we hear he's on the mend, and the human is just off to see him and see if he wants to come home again.

Buttons had a little walk across the computer keys to express how he's missing his brother! He said:

jhgds xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic xxxx

Tuesday 6 July 2010


I just love how they look so majestic and proud (and huge) when I take the camera down to Buttons and Skittles level, when in reality Buttons is so mini he can almost sit in one of my hands!

Friday 2 July 2010

Always up to something

Skittles knows there are certain things he's not supposed to do and certain places he's not supposed to go... but you can bet your life that they are the places he makes a bee line for, as soon as my back is turned. This is the fold up table blocking him from eating the tv wires in the lounge. How much time do you think he spends trying to get under/over/round it, or just eat his way through it??? We had a scary moment last Sunday when the tv kept losing signal, just as an important football match was about to kick off!!! Of course we discovered Skittles calling card around the back of this table (bunny-teeth marks in the aerial cord!!!). Personally I wouldn't have minded missing the match, but Skittles wasn't the husbands favourite bunny that day!

Thursday 1 July 2010


It's pretty warm, so the boys have been doing lots of flopping... I just love it when Buttons shows us his fluffy white belly too!