Monday 10 December 2012

Blossom RIP

I hate writing sad posts... and I feel I must be one of the unluckiest bunny mums in the world right now.  Three of my fluffy friends have passed away since we started this blog.  Blossom died very suddenly a couple of weeks back. It's taken me a while to know what to say, we were so shocked.

I went out as normal to feed Buttons and Blossom one morning and she had gone, passed on sometime in the night. We have no idea what happened, but feel ever so slightly relieved that whatever happened happened quickly.  She had been happy and hungry and normal the night before.

I guess it is one of the trials of having rescue buns... we didn't know Blossom's age or history.  Though she hasn't been ill once while living with us.  And after a very nervous bunny who had obviously had little human interaction when she came to us, we were just starting to get really close to her.

Gutted.  Rest in peace little Blossom.

Buttons is fine though. Really fine considering.