Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ok ok so it's an old photo...sorry (They are coming home on Tuesday - EXCITED!)

And ok OK, I know it's not a pumpkin either, but this mini-squash is the closest thing I managed to grow this year. Just enjoy the cute photo and be grateful.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

What big ears you have....

Look at her... isn't she beautiful!

Ok, she's a little bigger than Buttons...
But they were very happy together!

If it continues to go well this week, they'll be coming home together next Tuesday. Can't wait.
We are going to give her a new name... the husband and I just don't fancy Anya... not sure why. But we'll have a think and let you know that next week.

Love triangle shocker!

No, not an episode from your favourite soap opera!

Who is this new character?

This, dear readers, is Anya, in a photo sent to me yesterday by Caroline at the rescue. Anya is a lady bun at the rescue who seems to have diverted Button's attentions! Who knew our little man was going to turn out to be such a lothario!

In fact, don't be feeling sorry for Sapphire - she drove him to it! The report is that while Buttons fell for Sapphire, the affections were not requited, and she was too bossy for our little Buttons. He didn't waste much time shifting his attentions to Anya though. We're going to meet her this afternoon!

Of course, I love all bunnies, and if Buttons loves her, then we will love her. But I'm so disappointed that we won't be bringing Sapphire home - she was so beautiful! Anyway, who knows what might happen next... I certainly didn't expect to posting this a few days ago!

To be continued ...

Theme Thursday: MONSTER

Monday, 25 October 2010

How much do you love your bunny?

Please pass this around any British Bunny lovers! The RSPCA are doing survey just for us!

Bonding update

Not much to report... true love takes time! But so far so good!

When we first dropped Buttons off at the resue on Friday night he was terrified, and clearly concerned we were about to dump him amongst all these alien creatures! We are convinced that he's forgotten that he's a rabbit... when a doddery old lady bun, tiara, ambled into the crate Buttons had been assigned to say hello and welcome him (and she smelt some fresh kale), Buttons jumped out of his skin and looked at her like he'd never seen such a strange thing before!

Later that night we had an update from the rescue that he'd calmed down, and was starting to make friends with all the house bunnies at the rescue! A good sign!

As you know, the bonding process can't be rushed, so it wasn't until Saturday that he was introduced to Sapphire, but the first meeting went well. Buttons was definately interested in her, and they spent some time sniffing each other. Hoorary. We're just waiting to see if Sapphire will requite his affections... but it's looking good so far.


Tune in for the next part of our love story, later this week folks.

The problem we didn't foresee - we miss Buttons! The house feels so empty without him...

Friday, 22 October 2010

Date night... the build up!

Yes, tonight is the big night folks. It's as if he knows - Buttons has now stopped moulting, has spent lots of the week grooming and of course, looks gorgous! He's also been particularly excitable since we got home from our holiday. Either he was very very pleased to see us, or he knows that something exciting is happening this weekend! Wish us luck!

"What are you looking at?"

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Super excited!

The humans had a lovely relaxing beach break in Turkey the past week, where thankfully it was still around 25degrees centigrade all week so we could swim in the warm sea! (not so fun returning to 5degrees C and rain at 4am this morning when our plane touched down!) Hello Britain!

The most wonderful part of the trip was, discovering wild Turkish Rabbits living in our resort. They were gorgeous, and not at all like the wild rabbits that live in the UK. They were grey and white speckled - a bit like a cross between an English spot and a Dutch rabbit . Sadly we were floating in rubber rings in a water park when we saw them and didn't have a camera stashed in our swim suits!

Anyway, we are also excited, as Buttons is going this friday to meet Sapphire (who BTW has been renamed Hermione by the rescue, due to multiple Sapphires, and we think we might rename her too if she comes to live with us...)

Here is a lovely video I just took of Buttons. It seems a bit dull at first - hang on in there - the last 90 seconds is worth waiting for!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Not fit to be seen in public

So we haven't blogged aaaaaaaaaaallllllll week, and that's mainly because Buttons is in the throws of a mega-moult, and was a bit embarressed to have his scruffiness in the public domain!Look at him! I think it's quite funny - he's half way between a cute fluff ball and a bit of mange!
You will see that behind him, Button's has been counting down the days to something... Not sure if he's counting down the days to our holiday (when he'll have a whole week of being cared for by the Husband's mum) or counting down to the day he gets to meet his new (potential) girl-bun!
The rescue told us that Sapphire's spay-op went very well this week, and we're preparing for bonding sessions starting 22nd, after our little trip to the sunshine! How exciting.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Little tail

A lovely film of buttons doing what he does best... turning 360 degrees to lick his tail!

Sunday, 3 October 2010


We're still waiting and getting excited about introducing Buttons to Sapphire, his new potential girl-bun. She is hopefully going to be neutered this coming week, so we'll keep you posted on what happens next.

While getting excited about a possible new addition to the family, we couldn't help remembering our much loved and lost little skittles. This video was the last one of him, taken three days before he died back in July. Only now can I watch and smile instead of feeling sad!