Wednesday 8 June 2016

Happy Birthday

Button's is 7.  Roughly.  He was rescued so we only roughly know he was born in May or June 2009. He is a great big brother (my almost 5 year old thinks it's hilarious that Button's is older than him!).  He is also doing really really well.  So healthy.  He had his annual health check and vacs in May (always a happy birthday), and the vet said that if she didn't know him, she would guess he was about 3 years old based on his health.

We are blessed to have this little bundle of attitude in our lives.  And he's still just as teenager-y as ever!

Some photos from the last few months:

Sunbathing (in the boy's playroom while the noisy boy was at school! Otherwise Buttons doesn't go there!)


A video on him racing up the stairs... I couldn't keep up!

 Smooshing for strokes... note my lovely Rabbit scarf from Joules

Helping in the office
 World domination awaits

 Meeting the class bear (and Spidey)

 Helping in the office again by attacking my bunny slippers

And you know, just chilling under my desk, after being so helpful at work all day hehehee.