Thursday 20 January 2011


You may remember the gorgeous Sapphire, who was set up with Buttons on a date at the Rabbit Rescue Residence back in October.

Then you will remember that Buttons' love for Sapphire was unrequited (ahhh)... and that's how we ended up with gorgeous fluffy Bella instead. And maybe you were wondering... "whatever happened to Sapphire?"? Well I was.

Last week we heard that she'd been rehomed, (with a boy bun called Jeffy) in a lovely garden shed. Hooray! I like a happy ending. Her new owner, and Jeffy are very lucky to have such a pretty bunny friend.

Good luck little Sapphire!

Tuesday 11 January 2011

So shleeeeepy


Hope you aren't missing us too much? The human has been sick so hasn't been able to pay the bunnies as much attention as they think they deserve! The husband has been treating them pretty well though... Probably too well.