Tuesday 31 May 2011

Spring moult

The fur is really flying around here.

Having never owned a long furred bunny before, Bella has really taken us by surprise, as is evidenced by our clothes which are starting to look very furry! I take her outside once a day and give her a good comb, and the fur comes out in handfuls (my dad gave me a good tip - to leave the fur on the bird table so the local birds can use it for nesting - recycling at it's best!). But just an hour later she looks as though I never combed her, poor girl, look at her scruffy back.

We got a shock the other day when we pulled out the rabbit house to vacuum underneath, and there was so much Bella fur that we thought we had another rabbit under there! Buttons seems to be ok (he's very well behaved and not a messy moulter at all ;-) but I do worry about how much of Bella's fur he might ingest, as he is very good at grooming her. We're on paranoid poo watch and making sure he's eating all his greens and hay... so far, he seems fine though.

Thank you Amazon

Buttons and Bella have a new box. We seem to have a wierd standoff whenever there is a new box. At first they ignore it (which is odd, as if someone puts down a bag of shopping and they are around, they jump straight in), then when they've decided that it's safe (and I've tried a few different positions around the room to bate their interest), they start assessing what they can do with it!

This one seems to passed their assessment. Bella now uses it as a hidey whole and has started chewing, and Buttons likes to sit on top.

Monday 23 May 2011


It's Rabbit Awareness Week in the UK!
The RSPCA put together this very cute film to show Happy Rabbit behaviours!

Friday 20 May 2011


More garden time, this time Buttons really enjoys the wide open spaces. Look out for just past 30 seconds in, when he goes crazy for a fast lap of the lawn! I could barely keep up with him with my camera phone!

Sunday 15 May 2011

Can I eat these?

Of course you can little man, and maybe you can help us to trim the grass while you are out there?

Saturday 7 May 2011

Bunny lamp

We had a prep-for-baby-stuff buying trip to a local department store last weekend which was fun and scary (we have 3 months to go!)
I fell in love with this Completely overpriced but adorable lamp... The husband said it was a waste of money but wouldn't it be cute for new baby's room?

Friday 6 May 2011

Leave me alone!

Buttons says "How dare you film me while I'm busy grooming, how do you turn this filmy thing off anyway, I turn my back on you... are you still there?"

Sunday 1 May 2011

More head strokes please!

This is Buttons in his "you haven't finished with the stroking yet! That's an order not a question." pose