Monday 30 September 2013

You have a little stuck in your teeth

When Buttons has to suffer the injustice of having his nails clipped he gets a "make up" treat. Yesterday it was Spring Greens, his number three favourite veg (after Kale, and Brocoli), which hilariously seemed to leave a little smooshy green tinge on his little mouth! 
Pass the napkins!

In case you're interested... At number 4 are Brussels sprouts and number 5 Rocket ... (Oh and parsley but that's a herb strictly speaking).

Monday 23 September 2013

New house!

Well not yet, but the lawyers are doing their thing and we are starting to prepare and pack as we are moving to a new house soon! Wahoo! Can't wait.

Buttons is super super excited in particular because we are going to have extra rooms and we are thinking about letting Buttons have a room (or a corner of) for himself! He will be a house bunny again. Yippeeeee... i miss having his little hoppiness in my sofa.  Though we may need to work on his litter box habits again as he's getting a little sloppy out in his bunny palace on the deck!

Here he is earlier this week when he decided to come in and help out with some work... (By chilling out on the spare bed while the human worked) And decided he didn't want to come out from under a chest of drawers when it was time to finish work. Cheeky bun!