Thursday 31 October 2019

Over the bridge

I wanted to hop along to share the sad news that Buttons left us this week. He was 10 and a half, pretty extraordinary I think and very healthy to the end.

He went peacefully in his sleep early Monday morning 28th October 2019. We are all really distraught and trying to decide on the best kind of memorial.

I am so glad he doesn’t seem to have suffered. He hadn’t been sick for years and although he had slowed down a lot and slept more and more over the last year or two, he was still amazing and his usual wonderful self.

Missing him missing him missing him. This is the last photo I took last week.
He loved ‘hiding’ under or behind the kid’s toys!

Friday 4 January 2019

Still going and new friends

 Very sadly I have zero time to update the blog these days. Sorry peeps.
Mainly because Buttons has another baby brother! (He just turned 1). Big brother is 7 and the school runs seem to take over life... and I work three jobs!

Rest assured though Buttons is still the centre of our world. He lives in the kitchen and although he’s nearly ten and slowing down, he loves hoping around and playing with the kids toys!
Sun spot snooze under the sofa. Very happy bunny. 

Playing with balloons after our recent 1st birthday party. 

More chilling.... the kids must have been in bed!

He still knows exactly how how many millimetres he can keep between himself and a baby to avoid capture!