Friday 21 October 2011

Spot the rabbit part deux

Bella tucked into the vines (can't believe we still have grapes at this time of year) and then the mint.

Spot the rabbit!

It's a beautiful autumn day, crisp, cool and sunny, and we're playing our favourite game: spot the rabbit in the veg patch!

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Tuesday 18 October 2011

You smell food?

We can smell pellets and hay around here but where is it???

Someone please tell the human it's bunny dinnertime!

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Don't worry about us

We're doing just fine. We spend most of the day inside. The human chases us around and tells us to get some exercise, but she doesn't realise we need to perfect the arts of snoozing and grooming and you know, just chilling!

And at night we go in our shed for more snoozing and grooming and chilling... We like that we can chew the shed without getting in trouble, and the human seems pleased that we are still using our litter tray properly. What did she think we'd do??? We are civilised buns, dontcha know?!?!

We have all our usual stuff here and it has the benefit that it's all ours - no humans poking us when we want a bit of privacy and peace!

Friday 7 October 2011

Cute, but trouble!

Sigh. The buns got themselves into some serious trouble of late, and have been "relocated" into a shed outside. Before you protest (I did) I assure you it's a good size luxury bunny palace with all their usual stuff in it. Despite this I feel bad for them!

So what happened? We had a power cut, or so we thought... Until we flicked the fuse box and noticed that everything except the fridge/freezer came back on. At first we thought the power cut or surge had done something to damage the fridge and we were pretty annoyed, as it's only a couple of months out of it's warranty (typical eh?) and was quite expensive. But then we pulled it out and discovered... A severed power chord, and bunny teeth marks!

It's difficult to explain quite how difficult it is to get behind the fridge (it's built into a cabinet) and quite how naughty those buns were to get in there and reap this damage. They had to break through a cabinet, and really root around for that power chord.

And I can't believe they didn't electrocute themselves!!! Stupid bunnies. They are very lucky.

I feel frustrated; I was always so convinced that our kitchen was 100% bunny proof, and totally felt they would be fine there each night (and they were for 2 and a half years...). But I should know better... They outsmarted me :-)

The husband was fuming with anger. It cost a fair bit to repair the fridge, (although thankfully less than a new one would cost) and we had to throw away heaps of fresh and frozen food. He gave me an ultimatum... Either Bella and Buttons went to a new family, or they moved out of the house into the garden.

Oh I agonised. I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing their smooshy faces anymore, not finding a perfect home for them where they could be loved the way i love them! But I also worried that having been acclimatised to house living (the temperature plus the space) that they wouldn't be happy outside.

What a dilemma. In the end I just couldn't stand losing them, so hence the outside solution. I agreed they would go outside as long as they could have a shed, not just a hutch, that they could come in the house each day for a couple of hours of supervised playtime and that if it snows, they can come inside again for a few nights.

They seem to have adapted very well, and actually seem to enjoy that they now get to play in the garden more regularly (well, until it turns too cold/wet anyway), so they are happy and I'm just paranoid. They've been so spoilt as house bunnies. I just hope they don't hate me. Please don't hate me?

As I type this, buttons is sprinting around the baby toy obstacle course in the lounge, and Bella is snoozing in the door way... So not much has changed really!

But soon it's time for dinner and time to go back to the shed for the night ;-(