Thursday, 28 October 2010

Love triangle shocker!

No, not an episode from your favourite soap opera!

Who is this new character?

This, dear readers, is Anya, in a photo sent to me yesterday by Caroline at the rescue. Anya is a lady bun at the rescue who seems to have diverted Button's attentions! Who knew our little man was going to turn out to be such a lothario!

In fact, don't be feeling sorry for Sapphire - she drove him to it! The report is that while Buttons fell for Sapphire, the affections were not requited, and she was too bossy for our little Buttons. He didn't waste much time shifting his attentions to Anya though. We're going to meet her this afternoon!

Of course, I love all bunnies, and if Buttons loves her, then we will love her. But I'm so disappointed that we won't be bringing Sapphire home - she was so beautiful! Anyway, who knows what might happen next... I certainly didn't expect to posting this a few days ago!

To be continued ...


  1. Must be fate! Anya is a good name, Hef's sister from his litter is named Anya

  2. Its so much fun to relax with a cup of coffee and watch "As the Bunny Turns". Or is it "All My Does?"

  3. OMG this is the hottest blog on the planet! If Buttons loves Anya we all will too, that's for sure. Maybe Sapphire will come around and you can have a trio.

  4. All of the above 100%. Anya is super cute too!!!

  5. Miss Anya looks very sweet. It's too bad things with Sapphire didn't work out, they would have made a very cute couple, but I'm sure Anya and Buttons will be just as cute as well.

  6. oh our bunny was called Anya (she looked very different from this Anya though!). Sorry things didn't work out with Sapphire, but as long as Buttons is happy, right?