Thursday, 20 January 2011


You may remember the gorgeous Sapphire, who was set up with Buttons on a date at the Rabbit Rescue Residence back in October.

Then you will remember that Buttons' love for Sapphire was unrequited (ahhh)... and that's how we ended up with gorgeous fluffy Bella instead. And maybe you were wondering... "whatever happened to Sapphire?"? Well I was.

Last week we heard that she'd been rehomed, (with a boy bun called Jeffy) in a lovely garden shed. Hooray! I like a happy ending. Her new owner, and Jeffy are very lucky to have such a pretty bunny friend.

Good luck little Sapphire!


  1. Glad to hear Sapphire has a new home and a husbun to share it with. Hope all is well with you and Bella and Buttons.

  2. Lovely to hear! Glad everything worked out for everyone.

  3. Oh I'm glad Sapphire found somewhere!

  4. That is really a happy ending. I am so glad there are people who are not just willing to give rabbit hutch but also care to rabbits. Thumbs up to those who have a big heart to rabbits.

  5. Hope you're well...

    Somehow I missed this post. I'm SO glad to hear that Sapphire found a home, although I'm not surprised, such a pretty little bun.