Wednesday 12 October 2011

Don't worry about us

We're doing just fine. We spend most of the day inside. The human chases us around and tells us to get some exercise, but she doesn't realise we need to perfect the arts of snoozing and grooming and you know, just chilling!

And at night we go in our shed for more snoozing and grooming and chilling... We like that we can chew the shed without getting in trouble, and the human seems pleased that we are still using our litter tray properly. What did she think we'd do??? We are civilised buns, dontcha know?!?!

We have all our usual stuff here and it has the benefit that it's all ours - no humans poking us when we want a bit of privacy and peace!


  1. I LOVE their area in the shed! What a fab idea!

    I have tagged you in a post here:

  2. ooooh, love the bunny pad! Great photos, and we don't know either, Hoomans!! Crazy folk by boy do we wuv em!!

  3. It looks like their penitentiary is the minimum security pen like Martha Stewart had! Sweet!
    Naughty buns for chewing the frig cord!
    xx, shell

  4. Uuuh Yeah. That is some demotion. Life looks like one big camping vacation for you guys!

  5. Oooh, what a lovely spot! With some insulation, they should be toasty warm in there in the winter.

  6. What a sweet little set up you guys have there!

  7. well, well, what can I say? those electrical cables sure are delicious eh!? even with a demotion to the garden palace, they still go for the sweetie section!
    their night-home looks wonderful :)
    (and my two think that fridges are over-rated :)