Friday 25 November 2011

Hair cut

Bella had a hair cut recently. This is the "after" picture! Her mane was getting so long it was in her eyes at the front and she was picking up food and hay under her chin!

She was very good: she trusts us so much more than when we adopted her a year ago! (a year, how time flies!). She probably doesn't realise how lucky she is to get a fur-cut from the husband, who cuts human fur as his job, and charges them money!!! Bella didn't even tip him!


  1. Foot flicks!

    She did too tip him, she let him touch her prescious self and bask in the glory that is bun!

  2. I love her mane! Glad your husband left some :)

  3. Tsk, tsk, Bella--everybun should always tip their haredresser, especially after he did such a marvelous job. As least give him a couple of nose bonks and bunny kisses.

  4. I`ve been blog hopping this evenning & happenned upon yours & got to laughing over your bunnies being put in the shed at night as they chewed thru your wires.Mine did that the VERY first time he was inside,but now he`s in & out like yours.
    We have 2 girls now & I`m thinking about rabbit babies,I`m a little afraid but was told it was ok come Dec....but I dunno...phyllis

  5. Hi Phyllis, welcome! Nice to meet a new bunny mummy!
    Baby bunnies are a big responsibility! You are a braver woman than me to consider it!
    Another idea for you; If you would like more bunnies I'd really recommend you think about adopting some rescued neutered rabbits instead, as sadly there are so many unwanted rabbits (adults and babies) sitting in rescues around the world.

    Both Bella and buttons were from (different rescues) in Essex and Cambridgeshire (UK). Buttons was a baby who was dumped with all his bros and sisters at the rescue. Bella was also from a litter that the owner realised she couldn't cope with.

    Happy to advise if you have more questions and thanks again foe stopping by!
    Lisa x

    Let me know if you want to know more

  6. I tried to adopt from our local SPCA this summer but was told if I kept them outside I was not allowed to adopt.They never came to inspect anything,I just got a flat no since my dh built us a huge hutch outdoors for playtime.phyllis

  7. Oh dang - now I better maybe give Zoey a trim like that ... looks so sheik!

  8. Bella looks cute like this, our rabbit Anya used to have a big mane and we never cut it, but it didn't seem to actually grow (unlike her toenails!)

    Rabbits Guy - don't you dare go trimming Zoey's fur! She's adorable as she is!

  9. I think Lorna had it right. He was lucky to be allowed to cut Bella's hair. (And it looks so cute.)