Thursday 21 November 2013

Pampered pet?

Buttons has his own room in the new house.  My non-rabbit loving friends and colleagues think that I've finally lost it (they don't realise I lost it decades ago ha ha).  He did allow me to have a small corner of his room for my desk and files, and I am able to happily work away while he hops around me.

Yay new house!


Being harassed by a small boy:

Helping to unpack:


  1. ha ha! so funny - Buttons helping to unpack :) and love the harassment! great you have a new place

  2. I don't see anything strange about a room for your bunny. gotta love house bunnies. they're so sweet. the ones that frown upon that don't know what they're missing.

  3. I think you are perfect and I think Buttons has the most wonderful room and the best of friends with the small boy. ;)

  4. I didn't see any harassment. How did you sweet talk Buttons out of a bit of space for you. Nuts? You? For cow towing to a rabbit? Seems normal to me ...