Thursday 31 October 2019

Over the bridge

I wanted to hop along to share the sad news that Buttons left us this week. He was 10 and a half, pretty extraordinary I think and very healthy to the end.

He went peacefully in his sleep early Monday morning 28th October 2019. We are all really distraught and trying to decide on the best kind of memorial.

I am so glad he doesn’t seem to have suffered. He hadn’t been sick for years and although he had slowed down a lot and slept more and more over the last year or two, he was still amazing and his usual wonderful self.

Missing him missing him missing him. This is the last photo I took last week.
He loved ‘hiding’ under or behind the kid’s toys!


  1. Just saw your post. Buttons was one of my favorite blog bunnies. So sad to hear he is gone.

  2. Oh dear - missed it too - RIP mr. Buttons. We all enjoyed you so much for so long ...

  3. Buttons was one of our favorite bunnies, we will miss him so much!
    Mats and Christina