Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

I think the bunny boys can tell that we are about to go on our summer holiday and leave them for 2 weeks (not sure what gave us away, perhaps the piles of clean clothes and toiletries stacked next to the suitcase, or could it be that we have been giving them lots of treats this week, extra petting attention and bought them a new tunnel to hide in.) They are sulking and doing their cutest "poor helpless bunny" and "you'll miss us" looks as demonstrated below.
Rest assured, they will be ably looked after by my mother, who they got along with well at Christmas... she will probably spoil them more than we do!
In other unrelated news - Buttons has now learnt how to get down the stairs! Hooray! I was getting tired of him following his brother up them, and then me or the husband having to go and carry him down.


  1. Not good. Not good at all. Rest easy Bunnies. We have a plan ....

  2. Bunnys on stairs - it always amuses me!

    Have a nice break!

  3. Oh, I know how that is--we went to Florida for 10 days back in March, and even though I knew Mickey was being spoiled rotten by my sister while we were gone, it was so hard to see that "neglected bunny" face before we left and to not see it every morning while we were gone.

  4. We will miss you too!
    But hope you will have a wonderful holiday