Sunday, 18 July 2010


We are missing Skittles very much, but Buttons is doing really well! We have to keep blogging about our little bunny boy as we feel so encouraged and supported by our friends and readers in the bunny blogosphere. Thank you guys.

So in memory of Skittles, we have put together this homage to Carolyn "R" Crampton*, the author of our favourite rabbit book: Rabbit language, or "are you going to eat that?"

This is our guide to what bunnies are trying to say !

Lying with one ear raised means: Someone may be opening the refrigerator

Rubbing chins on things: One day I will eat you

Balancing on hind legs, little front feet in the air: Let me see if I can grab that food out of your hand
Lying completely stretched out, ears flat against body: I am supremely happy

Neck stretched out, wide eyes, ears back giving the effect of a young animal: I am your helpless baby, don’t leave me!

Running in fast circles: I am in love with this sofa / person / box

Jumping in the air and kicking one’s heels: I am so happy to see you!

Ears tilted forward, low crouch: Caution mixed with curiosity, perhaps when exploring a new area or a strange animal.

Eating your clothes: Either I want your attention, now! Or, You are in my way, move over or I will eat my way through you!
Head buried in belly: Mmm tasty morsels to eat (reconsider the kissy kissy)
Shaking the head: Are you crazy!
*We hope that Carolyn accepts this as an homage, and definitely not a rip off... we really encourage anyone who loves their bunny to go and buy Carolyn's scrumptious book : http://http//


  1. Very cute and funny! Skittles defiently had a good life!
    Do keep blogging, writing always helps!

  2. That is one of my favorite bunny books as well, and a lovely homage. So very glad you are going to continue blogging--I would be worried sick not knowing how you and Buttons all are doing.

  3. Sage would like to stick her nose in at this point - one ear up and one down is generally used a one eared salute in this house. ("I hear you, but I don't like what you're saying.") I often explain it as a gesture you'd see if bunnies could drive and had road rage. :)

    Skittles is missed, but never forgotten.

  4. What a wonderful way to remember Skittles!

  5. Well, after the sad, the fond and happy memories live on a long time!

  6. What fun pics! Love is the world's only infinitely renewable resource, so keep telling us about Buttons - it will never mean you love Skittles any less.

  7. That was so sweet and wonderful! I hope it helps you to know that my eyes are leaking over Skittles and the love you have for him :""""")

  8. What a lovely collection of pictures remembering Skittles! We are very glad to hear that you are going to continue blogging, so we get to read about the continuing fluffy adventures of little Buttons!

  9. I am so glad your hearts are being comforted by the fans, and friends of the blog. My heart goes out to you having lost beloved little friends too.
    I am SO GLAD you are continuing to blog. Buttons is a beautiful little boy bunny :-)

  10. I think I have said before that Skittles reminded me so much of my little Nemo. I think my Neep Neep was waiting for Skittles when he went over the bridge and will look out for him and show him around. God, the impact these little creatures make on our hearts lasts a lifetime.

  11. Very sweet! Cute pictures too!

  12. a beautiful homage! Skittles had a very perfect life in every way :)

  13. what a lovely homage to Skittles and an excellent reference on bunny behaviour!

  14. Great homage. So glad you've decided to keep blogging!!!