Saturday, 31 July 2010

(Not so) adorable bunny

I took this photo yesterday and I just love it - Buttons looks so cute but I think it also captures his slightly cheeky, very inquisitive personality!

However, I'm not finding him quite so adorable today as he woke me up at 5am by standing on my face!

We decided to take Buttons upstairs to sleep in our bedroom last night, as we had a cooking incident involving some plastic and a microwave that meant the kitchen and most of downstairs needed to aired overnight. He enjoys being in the bedroom when he can, hiding under the bed, jumping on the bed and chewing the new rug. And he was quite well behaved all night, until the sun came up around five, and then he decided it was time to wake up! And of course he thought we should wake up too... little attention seeker!


  1. Five is a good time to wake up, Buttons is right! Now about that "cooking incident"......

  2. 5 oclock - certainly a decent hour for a bunny to out and about! Yes - the "incident"... ours usually involves something overflowing in the oven!

  3. All I can say is be glad that he's as small as he is. Mickey weighs 6 1/2 pounds; when he decides to get all snuggly while I'm holding him and presses up against my neck with his full weight, it's quite uncomfortable.

  4. Oh, no snooze button on Buttons? 5 AM is pretty early...

  5. my kitty wakes me up every morning at 5:30am meowing at my bedroom windowwanting to come in from his nitely adventures..he's very punctual

  6. we keep the bedroom door open in the summer. Our bunny Anya when she was young would start running from the other end of the corridor then through the bedroom and then leap onto my head. She was quite a bit bigger than Buttons too.

    I love that photo, Buttons looks so adorable

  7. what a perfect time to have a morning snuggle :)
    if only Arabella or Wesley loved the bed - I'd be snuggling all the time!
    (Wesley lives in our bedroom)
    perhaps that plastic smell will linger for maybe, two, or three more days .... :)