Friday, 30 July 2010

Chew tube

Here we find Mr. Buttons in his usual hidey hole - the tube... nothing unusual there.
Except little Mr. has decided to start having a chew of it. I suppose I should be pleased he's not eating the floor at the moment.
By the way, there is suppsed to be a whole in the middle - he hasn't chewed THAT much!


  1. PS - I noted the comments about Buttons on the stairs, and I'm trying to get a good video of him to show you his climbing routine ... but Buttons would like to remind us all that he's not here just for our entertainment pleasure. He has very important things to chew, I mean, do.

  2. We are not fans of tubes. They roll when you go in them, and it's scary.

  3. that's so nice - he's customizing it! Arabella customizes all her soft and hard furnishings (all the time :)
    some are bigger projects than others though, Buttons will be kept busy for a while in that big tunnel!

  4. The little chew-chew that could.

  5. Lisa: I take an old towel and cram it under the edge of Mickey's tunnel to keep it from rolling. Sometimes I will also prop something heavy against it, like a chair or a 12-pack of soda.

    Buttons is too cute in his tunnel. As for the chewing; well, a bunny's gotta chew what a bunny's gotta chew sometimes--although they always seem to pick the stuff they're not supposed to chew.

  6. oh its nice to see a rabbit engrossed in a project!