Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bouncing around the garden!


  1. Very cute! Hef always ends up cleaning himself and rubbing his eyes when he is outside too!

  2. What lovely grass you have! Does Buttons ever try to tunnel when he's outside?

  3. *SQUEE*

    Buttons, you are just too precious bouncing around like that!

    Mickey would love it if we had grass that long for him to play in, but hubby is a lawn-mowing fiend and can't stand seeing a blade of grass beyond an inch in length.

  4. Jade: Perhaps you could get hubby to leave a square foot somewhere just for Mickey (in a corner where he can't see it!). I'm quite embarressed about the long grass, as we're about to have our garden re-landscaped so we've let it all go to pot out there!

    But Fab Furs - this means it's great for Buttons! He loves the long grass! He doesn't try to tunnel no, thankfully - although he doesn't go out for long.

    Hef's mom: I always think the cleaning is their way of saying "don't you know I'm a refined house bunny - there is too much dirt out here for me!" Although it can't be that bad - he always seems to enjoy it!

  5. sooo cute! Have you thought about getting a ladybun for him? He's clearly super happy already, but the thought of more cuddle-photos is kinda irresistable... :)

  6. oh my goodness!! 3 weeks of Buttons to catch up on - I've sat here smiling for ages, all those movies and photos!!
    what an absolute cutie he is, so, so adorable and so fiesty :)
    I LOVE his loveheart on his forehead from 'receding Hairline' - sporting his heart openly
    so I've decided that from now on I shall be saying
    'as cute as a Buttons :)'

  7. that's so cute! What a lovely piece of grass for Buttons to run round!

  8. Adorable video. Rabbits also need to get out of their rabbit hutch or cage and play under the sun. Aren't they happy to see the real world? If one the threat on rabbits is minimal them I would love to allow my rabbit free but threats are everywhere like other animals, cars etc.