Saturday, 18 September 2010

Interesting developments afoot

This morning I paid a visit to the most wonderful rabbit rescue I've ever seen, The Rabbit Residence.

You can read more about their bunnies here:
and I'll tell you all about it in a second but why was I there?

We keep thinking on and off that Buttons might like a friend to play with. He must miss all the grooming time he had with Skittles, and when the husband and I are out at work, our kitchen must be quite dull for an excitable young rabbit. But we weren't sure - he seems very happy being on his own. So we agreed, that we would look around, but only get another bunny if it was absolutely perfect and if Buttons was 100% cool about it/her :)

Today was my first visit to the Rabbit Residence, and it was like fate. I arrived, and the owner Caroline said that currently she doesn't have any single small females, but she'll let me know as soon as one arrives. I was disappointed, but since I was there, I thought I'd have a little play with the residents (so many cute and friendly bunnies skipping around their own field! I was in heaven!). I was down at the bottom of this field with a giant lop the size of a small dog (one day... not sure Buttons would cope with a bunny 10 times his size, hee hee!), when I heard Caroline shouting my name. What could she want? So I dragged myself away and back up to the top of the residence, and a woman was standing next to Caroline holding the most gorgeous netherland dwarf (apart from Buttons, ahem) I've ever seen. She's just arrived to drop off this bunny, Sapphire, at the residence, as they had bought 3 baby rabbits for their children, but the other two rabbits didn't get along with Sapphire.
Thank goodness they heard about Caroline and the Rescue!
I held Sapphire, and she snuggled down in my arms very happily. It was love at first nose wiggle for me :) Goodness me, I feel a bit guilty posting a picture of another bunny on Button's blog!

Anyway. It's definitely not a done deal yet, by any means, so let's not get carried away!!!

First Sapphire is going to have to be health checked and then spayed and vaccinated. And then if she's ok after all that we will have to take Buttons to meet her and see how they feel about each other. I'm very encouraged about the way Caroline runs her excellent rescue though - she said that she would board Buttons for a week and do the bonding there with Sapphire, where they are both on neutral territory, and then deliver them back to us. What a great solution!

About the Rescue Residence:
I was just so happy when I walked down the lane and found this bunny-haven field they have. There is a mix of rabbits with in and outdoor runs, sheds, houses, lots of grass, tunnels. Oh! It must be heaven for them. They have had some trouble though from residents at the top of the lane, complaining about the people driving down their lane to get to the rescue. Boo hiss none-bunny loving people! Can't they see what an amazing job the team at Rabbit Residence are doing.


  1. The rescue sounds like a wonderful place and Saphire is lucky to have been taken there. Best wishes for Buttons' happiness!

  2. What a fantastic development, this was surely meant to be. Saphire is lovely and let's hope Buttons thinks so as well. I agree with you about it being a good thing for a bun to have another bun about.....

  3. Saphire is beautiful! Hope it works out!

  4. I have read this sort of writing before. It IS a done deal! You and Buttons just have to make it work! =:<)

    I hope the little bunny checks out health wise - what a cutey.

  5. Oh, PLEASE let me get carried away, please-please-please! :D

    Sapphire is a gorgeous girl, I can't imagine Buttons not falling in love with her on the spot. (Then again, the idea of having to share you might put a wee damper on things, but I'm sure he'll get over it very quickly.)

    Mickey and I will be thinking lots of good thoughts for everything to go well, and we look forward to reading about Buttons and Sapphire's adventures in the near future.

  6. Too cute! I hope everything works out! I almost got a netherland dwarf female like Saphire instead of Hef.

  7. Saphire is adorable! I hope it works out. No need for guilt. It's impossible to give away your love for Skittles. You just grow more love to share.

  8. Sounds like a glorious place for buns! We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed that everything works out for Buttons and Saphire!

  9. that sounds like a wonderful rescue and Sapphire sounds like the perfect companion for Buttons. Fingers crossed that the two of them bond!

  10. This is so exciting! BG is right, there is no reason to feel guilty, our hearts are designed to have enough space to love infinite numbers of bunnies. Sapphire is beautiful! Good luck!!!

  11. EEEEEeeeeeppppp!!
    I second Jade's first sentence.