Sunday, 5 September 2010

playtime in the garden

Took lots of great photos and videos this afternoon, when we took Buttons out to play in the garden, but the internet connection is soooooooooooooo S.L.Ooooooo.W tonight, that here is just a taster.

More will follow when we have more time and better wires! We promise! If you want a sneeky peek, some videos are up on You Tube already, just need to make the links.

Hope every bunny has had a relaxing weekend!


  1. Can I just point out before any wise-guys out there say anything, that the husband does have more than one t-shirt, and it's just a coincidence that lately whenever I take photos, he's wearing the same on!

  2. Heehee, I didn't even notice the t-shirt. It's a guy thing, anyway--even if he doesn't wear it all the time, he probably wears it most of the time because it's comfy and he likes it. :)

    As for Buttons, I love the expression on his face:

    "Muuuum! Tell Dad to move, he's sitting on all the good grass!"

  3. Ahhhh, the cool grass. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

    Thanks for your good thoughts on Freckles surgery. She's resting in her favorite spot right now. Seems pretty happy to be back.

  4. One good photo of a bunny will go a long way!!!

  5. What an expression on Button's face. As to the t-shirt, my partner has loads of t-shirts but they're all just plain black...

  6. It is always nice to be free under the sun isn't it Buttons? As I have said in the first blog that I have visited rabbits also need to get out of their rabbit hutch or cage and play under the sun and see the real world. If only the threat on rabbits is minimal them I would love to allow my rabbit free but threats are everywhere like other animals, cars etc.